Zermatt now accepts tax payments in Bitcoin

The municipality of Zermatt now accepts Bitcoin as payment for local taxes and counter transactions. After Zug, Zermatt is another Swiss municipality that accepts the crypto currency as an official means of payment.

To this end, the crypto financial services company Bitcoin Suisse has installed a payment terminal in the Zermatt town hall where taxpayers can pay their municipal taxes with Bitcoins, Bitcoin Suisse announced on Wednesday.

After applying for a crypto-payment option at the Tax Office of the Zermatt Municipality, taxpayers can access the online payment portal via an e-mail link and transfer the corresponding amount in Bitcoins. Bitcoin Suisse then exchanges the Bitcoins back into Swiss francs and transfers the amount to the municipality’s bank account.

Zug was the first city in Switzerland to accept payments with Bitcoins for certain official services in 2016.