These issues could prevent Bitcoin (BTC) from reaching $ 1 million

Many analysts have made bitcoin price predictions up to $ 1 million over time. For many, these predictions sound absolutely absurd, but if you look at the history of Bitcoin, it would be doable. Bitcoin hit $ 100 in 2013 when nobody thought the price would go up to $ 20,000.


Analyst sees these problems for Bitcoin’s future

It may well be that Bitcoin will grow very strongly in the next ten years. Just as the $ 10,000 is currently an important point for Bitcoin, so will it be again at $ 20,000 before the $ 100,000 is reached. It remains to be seen whether the $ 1 million will come afterwards. For some analysts like the well-known PlanB and Anthony Pompliano, this could happen as early as next year.However, a macro trader is not so optimistic about the $ 1 million. The reasons given are the lack of mass acceptance that will prevent the BTC from reaching its ATH, as well as regulations, volatility and security.

According to analyst and trader @CryptoWhale, there are three main reasons that will continue to prevent Bitcoin from reaching the $ 1 million mark.


The reasons are quantum computing, Satoshi sales and government regulations. One of them is why support dropped at $ 9,000. The fear that Satoshi was selling his Bitcoin. However, this was only a sale in the amount of USD 500,000, but Satoshi’s wallet contains bitcoin worth billions of dollars.