Is Roger Ver not taking the corona virus and the current crisis seriously?

Bitcoin Cash supporter and former CEO of backs up his argument with a screenshot that compares the global death rate from COVID-19 to that of other diseases since early 2020. He posted the picture on Twitter, adding that those who are worried about the deadly virus should isolate themselves and “leave the rest of us alone.”


In the screenshot Ver shows that there were 313,903 traffic accidents, 228,095 malaria deaths, 113,034 seasonal flu cases and 249,904 suicides from January 1 to March 25. These numbers obviously overshadow the 21,297 COVID-19 pandemic casualties that were counted at the time. Ver gave no credible source for his claim.


However, it must be emphasized that the number of official corona deaths worldwide is incomplete. For example, many deaths were probably not diagnosed at the time of death. In addition, for political reasons – and to avoid criticism – several governments have presumably underestimated the mortality rate. The different methods used by the individual countries to assess the direct cause of death on death certificates could also obscure the truth.