IOTA involves the community in development

IOTA is one of the best-known projects on the crypto market and, based on market capitalization, is in 25th place. The cryptocurrency and the technology behind it (Tangle) were created primarily for a large purpose: the M2M (Machine-2-Machine) Pay. It will still take a while until the first applications are ready for the market. In order to ensure the existence of the cryptocurrency and to strengthen the involvement and engagement of the community, a new project has now been started: IOTA Experience Teams.


IOTA wants to create the best developer experience

In the official blog, IOTA announces the new project IOTA Experience Teams. Because according to the IOTA Foundation, the existence of a project can only be guaranteed through a healthy, supportive ecosystem. This will ultimately lead to the adoption of the technology and the realization of the great vision of the machine economy. With IOTA Experience Teams you want to intensify the continuous support of the community and developers.

The teams consist of committed members of the IOTA community. They work together with the IOTA Foundation over several stages of development. This should lead to the best developer experience in the entire DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and IoT area.