German investor shared bullish article on Bitcoin

He is one of the best-known investors in Germany and is known for his good knack for emerging revolutionary technologies. Christian Angermayer is proud to have private assets estimated by the Sunday Times at the end of 2018 of $ 350 million.In the crypto world, he gained fame primarily as an investor in the Block.One company.Today, the London-based serial entrepreneur has shared an article bullish for Bitcoin on Twitter.



Bitcoin as an opportunity: the article summarized

The upcoming economic crisis could overshadow the one of 2008/2009 and may be facing dark times. But Bitcoin was created in such times. Like many others, Lowry is one of those people who believe that the mother of all cryptocurrencies could break its all-time high of $ 20,000 this year, despite the crisis.Bitcoin has completely failed in its current technical form as a payment system. However, the digital currency provides a unique “hard” alternative to “soft” fiat money. In this regard, “hardship” describes the difficulty with which the asset is generated and put into circulation.The cryptocurrency is limited to 21 million coins. 18.3 million already exist, 3 million are still outstanding. Thousands of network nodes distribute and validate transactions. The nodes collect the transactions and pack them into blocks.