Blockchain-based corona immunity passport

Vottun uses blockchain technology to fight the spread of the corona virus.The way out of the shutdown back into the working world is a challenge for many employers and employees. The company Vottun is therefore developing a blockchain-based digital health passport together with Oracle. This should be used to demonstrate immunity to the coronavirus:


“Healthcare facilities can use Vottun’s technology to create a variety of passports for COVID-19 or other test results such as HIV or flu. These passports can be published in blockchains, in which the data is stored securely, permanently and unchangeably. The data from these test results can be verified cryptographically anywhere in the world using Vottun’s blockchain technology”,

it says on the Vottun website. The technology is currently being launched in Spain in collaboration with PwC. The Vottun system is also intended to enable contacts with people with corona to be traced. This symbiosis of proof of immunity and contact tracking should make it easier for the economy to step back to normal.